who are the Dynamo Developers?
And what do they do?

Awesome questions!

We're Raechel & Jen, and we're two fun-loving, heart-centered change-agents and educators who stumbled upon each other during our own learning and transformation journeys.  

After working on some projects together, we realized that we have so much fun working together, AND we are incredibly passionate about helping the world in identical ways.  Check out all our shared beliefs on our About page!


but, we've got one strong belief that we've made our mission...

Before we tell you that, we want to explain another one of our beliefs:

We believe there's a HUGE GAP in the entrepreneurial journey of budding and building business owners that is not being filled, which leads to thousands of brilliant, genius, amazing souls unable to generate revenue, have success, and share their greatness with the world.


Here's what we mean... 

These brilliant, amazing genius souls that we speak of have significantly invested in themselves to learn, hone, develop, and master imperative, useful, important messages, skills and expertise.  Stuff our world NEEDS!

Then, they've significantly invested, again, in themselves to build a business by taking online courses, hiring coaches or consultants, downloading & watching all sorts of free offerings, and joining business development programs.


Some of these people go on to have AMAZING success and live an extremely fulfilled life - and the world gets to benefit from their success!


Many of these people do not...
Some of them have stellar results, right out of the box, but it's not sustainable.
Some have great success, but it's a constant struggle and hustle, so they can't enjoy it.
Some of them have moderate success, but it's not enough to "cut it."
Some of them have no success, at all.


As we've worked with HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs over the last decade, we've gotten clear about the missing piece.  And, if you look around at all the successful business owners out there, you'll see proof of our missing piece theory.

Gap Homepage image.png

Which brings us to...


If you want business harmony, ease, and success, you MUST tie WHO you are and WHY you do it, to WHAT you do.


Yep, you've got to bring your PASSION and your UNIQUENESS to what you do in your business, or you're going to fall into that bottom box above.  


We don't want that for you or ANYONE, for that matter.



We are on a MISSION to help entrepreneurs get incredibly clear on their WHY & WHO, and help them tie that to their WHAT.

We invite you to join our revolution!




Welcome to our Universe!

We're going to have a BLAST together!